What’s going on in the old house in the new building in Mount Pleasant?


“It’s a place that’s going to be the best Vancouver has seen in a decade,” promises the restaurant owner.

What kind of restaurant would make sense to step into a heritage home that has been restored and incorporated into the design of a new contemporary Vancouver mixed-use building in Mount Pleasant?

The answer is as atypical as the place itself.

Located in the new Houss housing development, an independent restaurant and bar called Mount Pleasant Vintage & Layouts moved to 67 East 6th Ave.

The heritage home is the Coulter House, built in 1901, which has had many occupants over the decades, operating primarily as “6th Avenue Grocery” until the late 1970s.

The restaurant is the project of Vancouver restaurant veterinarian Cameron Bogue, who says in a recently posted video about the project he has been working on this particular concept for a few years and was looking for the best location.

“I realized this is a place that’s going to be the best Vancouver has seen in a decade,” adds Bogue, citing the unique fusion of Victorian home and modern office and light industrial space.

What you’d expect is a restaurant with a “bit more laid-back, bit more fun and playful” cocktail lineup (Instagram-worthy drink stuff with exciting toppings) and a menu where dishes are cooked over a wood fire – like in open grills. (In their job posting for a chef, the restaurant mentions that experience cooking over a wood fire is a must.)

“We are new school operators who have decided to make a difference in Vancouver. We will challenge authority, ask why and treat our people better,” Bogue points out on the Mount Pleasant Vintage & Provisions website, noting more further in the video that philosophy extends to how they intend to treat customers.

On his new Instagram account (@mountpleasantvintage), the restaurant also describes itself as: “A neighborhood grill & bar steeped in counterculture, dressed (down!) and displayed as a vintage resale + thrift store.”

Stay tuned for more details as Mount Pleasant Vintage & Provisions is set up, staffed and ready to open.

Here’s a look at the backstory of the Coulter house:

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