TSTC Launches $23 Million Industrial Training Center, Cost-Sharing With Waco, McLennan County | Local business news

“I was out there with my CTIW hat, looking for ways to train welders,” Cleveland said. “The need has grown to the point where we need a bigger center to help train all the new jobs coming to Waco. Who will benefit? Check the Waco Industrial Park Directory. last two years could benefit from it.”

The proposed schedule would encompass new factories specializing in galvanizing processing, aluminum can manufacturing, insulation production and modular home construction. SpaceX also plans to spend $150 million on a new factory to produce rocket engines, complementing its existing factory to test rocket engines.

“It will become a TSTC training center, and we will meet all operational and maintenance needs,” Cleveland said. “We’re building in the middle of the industrial park because that’s where the jobs are. You can go there for your training and use the same transportation to get to work.”

Kilgore said the program will target employers’ needs in the areas of pneumatics, hydraulics, electrical, motor controls and project logic. Participants can take certificate courses, non-credit courses and “boot camps,” which will provide intensive, focused training for eight to 12 weeks, Kilgore said.

Not only will the center design programs, but it will sue the unemployed and underemployed who stand to gain. Then there’s the matter of money, Kilgore said. Some participants may pay tuition, while others may get costs covered by employers. Because TSTC is involved, the state can provide grants and local businesses can provide scholarships, he said.

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