The Swedish house mafia talks about their industrial chic IKEA collaboration, berghain and brutalism

On Wednesday, EDM veterans, Swedish house mafiaSteve Angelo, Axwell and Sebastien Ingrosso— are launching their new IKEA collection, called OBEGRÄNSAD (which means “unlimited” in Swedish), available in October.

We may know the band for their hits like don’t worry child and Moth to a flame, their collaboration with The Weeknd, Calvin Harris, Tiësto and Carl Cox. But they are also for their sense of fashion; their all-black attire and minimalist aesthetic. they even had their clothes designed by Virgil Abloh back in 2018.

The new collection is minimalist at its core. Their past album covers include rows of circles, while they often perform under a giant halo shaped circle with lightsmost recently at Coachella, so it’s no surprise.

“It’s brutalism, we’re big fans of minimalism,” Angello said. “At first, we couldn’t afford to buy turntables, we used IKEA furniture for our studio set up in our studio. The idea for this new IKEA collection was: “What if we made furniture ourselves when we were young?”

The first thing that comes to mind when looking at the new all-black collection, featuring fur rugs, a record player and moon-inspired wall hangings, is that it’s very Berghain, the Berlin nightclub known for its industrial flair, attracting local EDM fans from all over the world.

The band have been to the club before, so that’s part of their inspiration. “We looked a lot at the historical and old brutalism, the concrete buildings that we see in Eastern Europe; its shapes and forms,” said Angello, “This collection is all about boldness, celebrating music and being center stage. But it’s also a question of creativity and creating rhythms.

The new collection includes LED flooring, work lamps, laptop stands, speakers and a record player – the first IKEA record player since 1973– as well as a trendy IKEA black bag that can hold records or a laptop.

Square bags are rare (just think of your average rectangular tote), and their new FRAKTA bag is not only practical, but an understated fashion accessory for fans of industrial chic.

The collection also includes comfortable slippers and elegant, casual armchairs. These are all ideal home music studio items for the budding record producer, DJ or rapper. And it’s a game changer – everything is affordable

“We wanted to simplify the process for people to create music,” Angello said. “Hopefully our collection inspires and empowers more people to be more creative at home and it doesn’t have to be just about making music, it can be so much more.”

According to the group, their favorite designers include German industrial designer Dieter Rams, Italian architect Mario Bellini, fashion designer Rick Owens and lighting artist James Turrell.

Brutalism was a design movement that was popularized in post-war Europe and saw its rise in Germany in the 1950s, known for its blocky geometric shapes in concrete buildings.

He’s been hugely influential in today’s fashion, from angular jackets by Rick Owens to minimalist takes on Balenciaga. on their Berlin storefrontand even the Gap Yeezy collection.

Their new IKEA collection is all about creating something out of nothing, as many artists do in their early days of the home studio era. “When we first started making music, it was an unheard of phenomenon, you had to go to music school,” said Axwell, who co-founded the band in 2007. “Now I feel like that the second person I meet makes music, and people make music on their laptops everywhere – this collection aims to make it a little easier and more accessible for them.

“We wanted to come up with something affordable and functional, just a good vibe,” Angello said.

Their own history dates back to the 1990s, when they were each solo DJs, but formed the group in 2007, and their 2014 documentary, leave the world behind, details their rise, their challenges and their friendship. Influencing EDM musicians around the world, there is now a whole generation of bedroom producers. And they are often approached for advice from independent artists.

Their advice? “Be yourself, create, just express yourself freely, no matter if it’s painting, fashion design, express yourself and be free,” Angello said. “Have fun. If you like someone’s work, say it out loud. It’s important.”

Axwell adds, “Don’t try to catch a wave, be your own wave. I say don’t try to ride a wave because everyone probably does. Try to find your own uniqueness. You have to find your own conviction and your own style.

“When we started making music, it was just a dream to make music, but you realize that one day you might be able to play live,” adds Axwell. “It was always in our heads.”

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