SY Holdings announces its 2021 annual results accelerating its development in industrial technologies

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SY Holdings announces its 2021 annual results

Accelerate its development in industrial technology

Hong Kong, 31 March 2022 – SY Holdings Group Limited (“SY Holdings” or the “Group” or the “Company”, stock code: 6069.HK) announced its 2021 annual results. During the year, the Group net profit amounted to RMB 421.5 million, a year-on-year increase of 25%. It maintained high profitability and sustained business growth, mainly thanks to the Group’s two growth engines, industrial technology and digital finance, which enabled the first success of its platform-based strategy.

As of December 31, 2021, the company’s cumulative total supply chain assets were RMB 132 billion, an increase of 33% from December 31, 2020, the total cumulative users of the platform increased by 39% to more than 10,300 from December 31, 2020, and the daily average loan facilitation balance increased by 83% to RMB 1.6 billion from December 31, 2020. During the year, the platform-based service revenue was RMB 48.5 million, an increase of about 38% over the previous year, and the R&D cost was 35.8 million of RMB, an increase of 16% over the previous year.

With the mission of “Driving Supply Chain Efficiency, Making Finance More Inclusive”, the Group aims to build a leading supply chain technology platform. In addition, with the vision of “becoming Asia’s most trusted supply chain technology platform”, the group has served national strategic industries including infrastructure, medical and energy, and is expanding actively to other emerging strategic industries. To date, the Group is deeply rooted in more than 10 major industrial ecosystems. As a listed company on the main board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, SY Holdings is included in the MSCI Small Cap China Index, Hang Seng Composite Index, Hang Seng Corporate Sustainability Index and is eligible for the Shenzhen- Hong Kong Stock Connect. Notable institutional investors in the group include Temasek Holdings, China Taiping Insurance, Olympus Capital and Wuxi Communications Industry Group.

Accelerate the deployment of industrial technology and develop an ecosystem of intelligent supply chain services

In line with the Company’s expansion strategy, the Company has elevated its brand positioning and changed the Company’s name from “SY Capital Limited” to “SY Holdings Group Limited”. The deletion of the word “Capital” indicates that the Company will no longer limit itself to financial stereotypes. The new name echoes the company’s platformization strategy and business expansion in supply chain technology. The company will focus on building a supply chain technology platform and building an ecosystem of smart supply chain services.

SY Holdings has accelerated its deployment in industrial technology to help digitize core businesses by integrating deeply into the industry. Since the beginning of 2021, SY Holdings has been actively making strategic deployments in the areas of industrial technology, including smart construction and hospital supply, processing and distribution (“SPD”). SY Holdings has successfully secured the intelligent construction projects of Shenzhen Peng Cheng Laboratory, a national-level research laboratory, and helped a leading group in the pharmaceutical supply chain to build an intelligent hospital SPD system.

In the digital finance segment, SY Holdings has entered into cooperation with several key companies in the field of digital supply chain finance to accelerate the expansion of the business, leveraging the advantages of its platform. shape. SY Factoring, a subsidiary of SY Holdings, has been officially connected to the PBOC’s second generation credit information system, further optimizing the customer experience throughout the process. Meanwhile, the company has also achieved an innovative and significant breakthrough in financing, completing the industry’s first-ever offshore syndicated loan in mainland China, raising over RMB 500 million.

SY Holdings has stepped up investment in technology, comprehensively upgraded its SY cloud platform, and obtained China National Information Security Level Protection Certification Level 3 certification, continuing to optimize the ‘client experience. SY Holdings has also received ISO27001 international information security certification. To date, the Company has obtained a total of 42 computer software copyrights.

In addition to increasing its technology investments, SY Holdings has combined its capabilities in industrial technology and digital finance to strengthen its technological strengths and grow its platform-based business. In particular, SY Holdings has leveraged its Software as a Service (“SaaS”) and Internet of Things (“IoT”) technologies to enhance its industrial technology capabilities, integrate deeper into industrial scenarios and further strengthen its capabilities for precision customer acquisition and big data risk control.

SY Holdings has made significant breakthroughs in strategic cooperation and the introduction of strategic investors. SY Holdings has entered into a strategic partnership with Tencent Cloud in the smart building space. In addition, SY Holdings has deepened strategic cooperation with Jiangsu Wuxi Economic Development Zone with the establishment of its East China Regional Headquarters and Industrial Technology R&D Center. SY Holdings also joined Wuxi Communications Industry Group as a strategic shareholder, and a complementary investment from existing shareholder Temasek Holdings in a stock placement exercise.

In line with the deployment of its ecosystem, SY Holdings has increased its strategic investments in the field of industrial supply chain technology. Together with Tencent, SY Holdings co-led an equity investment in Mengcheng Technology, a leading SaaS provider of engineering management solutions for the infrastructure industry in China. The Company also separately made a strategic investment in LinkedCare, a leading consumer healthcare SaaS provider.

Integrating ESG into business strategy and operations to drive sustainability

SY Holdings was recognized for its sustainability efforts. The Company is committed to fulfilling its corporate social responsibility by integrating environmental, social and corporate governance (“ESG”) responsibility into its business strategy and operations. SY Holdings received an “A” rating from MSCI ESG Research, became a constituent member of the Hang Seng Corporate Sustainability Benchmark Index, and saw its Hang Seng ESG rating upgraded to “A”.

SY Holdings attaches great importance to social responsibility and has proactively participated in public welfare activities for eight consecutive years since 2014, donating a total of about RMB 10 million and helping more than 1,000 people. In December 2021, the creation of the SY Public Welfare Foundation was approved, increasing its efforts to help children in need, help industries grow, and support youth development. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the company established the SY Light Team, a public welfare program to support pandemic control and testing work. Additionally, the Society made a donation to the Zhengzhou Red Cross Society to support rescue efforts in response to natural disasters caused by heavy downpours in Zhengzhou in 2021.

To boost the digitalization and upgrading of industries in the future

Jeff Tung, Chairman of SY Holdings, said, “As we look to the future, I hope we will courageously reflect on the setbacks of the past, positively embrace the opportunities of the present, and calmly meet the challenges of the future. We will continue to invest in technology R&D. and a talent pool, and persevere in challenging yet valuable projects to drive supply chain efficiencies and make finance more inclusive!”


About SY Holdings Group Limited (stock code: 6069.HK)

The group’s mission is to “drive supply chain efficiency and make finance more inclusive”, with a vision to “become Asia’s most trusted supply chain technology platform”. The Group has served various national strategic industries, including infrastructure, medical and energy segments, and is also actively expanding into other strategic emerging industries. SY Holdings is currently established in more than 10 major industrial ecosystems. Listed on the Main Board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, SY Holdings is part of the MSCI Small Cap China Index, the Hang Seng Composite Index, the Hang Seng Corporate Sustainability Index and part of the Shenzhen-Hong Kong Stock Connect. Notable institutional investors in the group include Temasek Holdings, China Taiping Insurance, Olympus Capital and Wuxi Communications Industry Group.

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