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Inspection technology designed to eliminate the challenges of pipeline inspection and maintenance is proving a global success as the technology is adopted by oil and gas operators around the world.

Tracerco’s DiscoveryTM technology was developed to provide operators with a better understanding of a pipeline, its coating and the process fluid – while being fully operational – and has quickly become the market leader with the technology recently deployed on assets around the world, including three underwater inspection contracts in the Gulf of Mexico and a pipeline inspection project in West Africa.

Jim Bramlett, Commercial Director of Tracerco North America and a member of the team responsible for the successful delivery of Discovery to market, said, “Discovery technology was uniquely designed to eliminate the challenges operators face when it comes to inspection and maintenance of pipelines where modern systems are increasingly used. operate under more difficult conditions.

“As such, the market demanded more advanced inspection technologies that could meet the challenges of more complex pipeline designs and new non-existent pipeline conditions.”

And for the market leader in inspection technology, Tracerco prides itself on the principle of Discovery technology in the form of a computed tomography (CT) beam passing through a material to measure density and calculate pipeline weaknesses, all in a single analysis.

Combine this with Tracerco’s built-in “Fast Scan” technology, which reduces overall scan time by up to 80% and operators worldwide benefit from the maximum data capture ever available on the market and a single inspection.

Already in operation across the Americas, Australia, Europe, Middle East and West Africa, Discovery has successfully collected over 4,000 valuable data analytics, helping operators refine and improve the efficiency of existing pipeline models.

Tracerco is part of Johnson Matthey PLC and is a global oil and gas services company. More than 60 years of Tracerco experience has helped make Discovery the best underwater CT scanner available, allowing operators to visualize flow assurance and integrity issues. Through dedicated R&D support, multi-million dollar investments and partnership with industry majors, Tracerco has been granted full patent protection since 2011. The technology is field proven and, at So far, Discovery has provided real-time information. essential information for many deep water intra-field flowlines around the world. With this information, operators can be confident that they are making informed decisions about the future of a pipeline, without the need to shut down or interrupt production.

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