Student work in industrial design: a bamboo washing machine in the river



This Bamboo washing machine The concept, designed by a team of no less than eight ID students from Dalian Minzu University of China, aims to free up time for those living in extremely rural conditions. “Laundry takes a long time, especially in rural communities,” writes the team, led by Xu Bin. “[The] The bamboo washing machine helps people free up their time in rural communities so that they can devote their time and energy to more meaningful activities, such as poverty alleviation. “

The idea is that the spiked feet of the slatted housing are sunk into the river bed. The water flows down the bottom, spinning a set of turbine blades. This then spins the bucket filled with clothes placed inside, providing a primitive stirring action.

The idea is that each family in the village would have their own bucket, the main accommodation being a common object.

I’m not convinced the case itself wouldn’t blow away, and I’d like to see a few shots of the bottom of the buckets to see what arrangements they’ve made for drainage. But overall the concept is interesting, and I much prefer to see work by design students that tackles poverty rather than the current and disturbing trend of producing “luxury” goods.

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