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Boston-based design firm Sprout Studios has created a new division: Germs visualization, which is something like Lucasfilm for designers and manufacturers. Sprout Viz wields top-notch design flair with CGI chops, replacing tedious photo ops with high-res renderings and videos.

If you are wondering “How is that different from just hiring a rendering girl / guy”, well, that’s a lot different. Sprout Viz can crawl through thousands of SKUs, producing everything from “photographs” of quality Apple products and presentation videos to countless use case iterations.

For a client, an Amazon seller with a full inventory, “We have produced north of 2,600 images for over 500 SKUs by the time we finished,” the company writes. “The deliverables for each SKU consisted of a variety of images, including featured product images, packaging images, exploded views, material sections, and pop-up images. Each SKU was neatly organized so that the customer could download them from Amazon and wherever they were needed.This the whole project took a little over 3 months and in the first few weeks of uploading the new images there was a noticeable increase in their sales on Amazon. “

For a Staples project Encompassing over 16,000 SKUs, Sprout Viz has created complete virtual desktop environments to configure products for “shoots”. They also took care of the packaging photography:

“In an ideal world, packaging would be produced and products would be produced simultaneously. Unfortunately, we know that this is often not the case for businesses that frequently have to operate under changing and tight deadlines. We applied our understanding of structural packaging. design and graphic design on packaging to bring photorealistic packaging images to all of Staples’ sub-brands to meet those tight deadlines. “

Sprout Viz uses existing CAD data where possible, but can also reverse engineer CAD files if this is faster.

Business has been booming during the pandemic as traditional product photoshoots have become impossible. “We have seen an explosion of projects related to CGI,” said Jordan Nollman, CEO of Sprout Viz. “To meet this growing demand, we analyzed trends, built a state-of-the-art rendering farm and data center, and empowered our team with world-class talent. “

You can consult their case studies here, and below is their reel.

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