Reflections on World Industrial Design Day



World Industrial Design Day, June 29e, is an opportunity for all of us to recognize the value of design and its capacity for change in the world, and how it has enriched our lives in so many ways. This year the focus is on diversity and how designers and design can challenge the status quo and make the industry more inclusive.

Design is one of the oldest activities of humanity and is so much a part of our lives that people take it for granted. I can only speak for myself here, and design for me is all about connecting with human emotions, such as beauty, touch, interaction, and desire. We’ve all been there, fallen in love with something you see in a store, and then we try to ignore the impulse. But the desire gets the better of you, and you rush to get it, hoping it’s still there, and then the emotion of finally owning it, holding it and using it, is so perfect. How do objects have this power? Was this what the designer wanted you to feel or is it just something you feel about that particular object.

Well who knows, and frankly that’s why everyone has different tastes. What looks good on you may seem terrible to me! And why don’t we all wear the same clothes or drive the same cars ?!

A good design is one that just solves the problem, does it with style and a touch of charm that says, “I don’t need to try because I cracked this one”. It’s hard to do, and you have to put people at the center of the process and understand what will work as an intuitive solution. Think about the needs of the user, but also don’t forget your own needs for expression, style and individuality that give the design its personal signature.

The little red electric car is unmistakably an emotional design, and I wish Nobe electric cars the best of luck in their quest to get it into production – and thanks for the pic!

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