Province sells industrial technology center

A government-owned test and calibration center was sold to Manitoba’s T. Manson & Associates Ltd.

Economic Development and Employment Minister Jon Reyes said the Industrial Technology Center was sold to the company on December 1. The province launched a prequalification request for interested buyers last June.

ITC was founded in 1979 and became a special operating agency of the provincial government in 1996.

It served approximately 250 clients per year in need of calibration services, standards testing and certification, noise and vibration testing, 3D laser scanning and quality control of lottery tickets.

Reyes said that by privatizing ITC, the government expects clients to see better service delivery, expanded offerings and possibly “new employment opportunities”.

“Focusing our government’s efforts on services that cannot be replicated or provided by the private sector ensures that we make the best use of staff time and manage our budgets properly,” he added. Reyes said in a statement.

The opposition NDP called the sale a big loss for the local manufacturing community.

“It’s another cut and it will hurt manufacturing jobs in our province,” he added. said economic development spokesperson Jamie Moses. “We should be investing in well-paid local manufacturing and technological excellence, not selling it. »

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