Product breakdowns expose the useless side of industrial design in Stop Motion animation by Dina Amin


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#technology #stop motion

February 23, 2020

Andrew LaSane

Industrial designer Dina amin take discarded consumer products apart to see exactly what makes them tick. The hobby also exposes the number of resources and materials that consumers throw away. A new stop-motion animation titled What’s inside is a supercut of Amin’s familiar object decompositions, each laid out in perfect grids of plastic, metal and rubber.

The explosive electronics featured in the animation are a hair dryer, a stereo tape recorder, a point-and-shoot camera, and an old cell phone. Dropped by an invisible hand, each element becomes a diagram of itself when it reaches the table. Screws, wires and miscellaneous components are neatly and instantly sorted into piles on the empty surface. The pieces then reassemble to form the finished product.

“On Friday, I pick a product at random, take it apart, examine it and create a stop motion story with its parts,” Amin shares on his website. Regarding the deeper theme of the artwork, the designer writes that “we consume too much stuff to the point of forgetting the amount of work that has gone into bringing even the smallest pieces! We rarely see what’s inside each product, so treat it as a whole part; not like a plastic cover, with buttons, vibrator motor, mic, etc. This makes it easier to throw things away, one thing is wasted and not a lot. “

To see more of Amin’s work, follow her on Instagram and look at her on Patreon, where this project was funded. (Going through Core77)

#technology #stop motion

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