Podcast: Exploring Industrial Design and Architecture | EP.01 – The Heliostat


For our very first episode of the “Exploring Industrial Design and Architecture” podcast series, we’ll be going back to where it all began for Tilt – The Heliostat at One Central Park. SJB Studio Director Emily Wombwell talks to Tilt’s Tim Phillips about the industrial design process behind ‘The Heliostat‘ and the delivery of one of One Central Park’s most notable architectural features.

Nearly 8 years later, on a routine maintenance visit, Emily and Tim discuss design and materiality, complex delivery and transfer of existing technology to a new market – the largest in the world used in urban areas. Frasers’ Michael Goldrick also provides insight into how development began and the architectural intent.

In this episode, we look at Atelier Jean Nouvel’s award-winning design and the project that inspired Tilt’s Managing Director, Tim Phillips, to extend his traditional industrial design practice to the built environment.

The Heliostat, a large cantilever of glass panels protruding from the side of OCP’s tallest tower, captures and redirects light into the park compound and retail atrium below, allowing areas that would otherwise be overshadowed by the towers, to receive light all year round.

Tilt brought the concept to life by combining solar farm technology with engineering and industrial design methodologies to not only prove the feasibility of the project, but also to design, build, install and manage the maintenance of the concept in perpetuity.

About Hosts

Emily Wombwell is studio director at SJB and co-founder of Perspectives, a lecture series focusing on design and creativity in all its forms. A highly respected emerging voice in the Australian design community, Emily has the passion and knowledge to expertly navigate the challenges of complex projects and deliver a compelling story.

Michael Goldrick is the former Development Director of Frasers Property Australia and Development Director of the One Central Park project.

Tim Phillips, Managing Director of Tilt, is a highly regarded industrial design consultant to architects, creatives and the construction industry with extensive experience in architectural projects.

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