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Strict measures must be taken by the authorities

Encroachment is a major hindrance in India’s development path as there are many effects of this problem. However, the anti-encroachment committee which was formed to reduce the number of encroachment cases in the city, has not even met for five years. The government should not ignore the issue and must take it seriously. Strict action must be taken against individuals or groups who illegally enter anyone’s property. Regular efforts to sensitize the population, especially the uneducated, are essential.

Sakshat Bansal


Ludhiana district had the fifth highest number of accidental deaths in the country in 2021, according to the latest report from the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB). What needs to be done to stem the increase in accidents that are suffocating precious lives?

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Negligent attitude of the authorities

Recently, a news article published in this newspaper revealed the failure of the administrative organization of the city, which is responsible for the periodic elimination of encroachments. It was also pointed out that only one mandatory meeting of the Supervisory Board has not taken place in the last 5 years. This kind of attitude from the authorities is unacceptable. The police should work with the relevant authorities to prevent encroachments. Officials should be held accountable and punished if they do not act quickly. People should not skip their civil duties and obey the rules of the country.

Sukhdev Sharma

Special working group need the hour

Various scams have been unearthed in the construction of illegal settlements in the city but the authorities concerned seem to lack the courage to take firm action against defaulters. In fact, the law on these prosecutions is well in place, but the implementation leaves something to be desired. In order to stem the threat, the authorities must set up a special task force to control the construction of illegal settlements and ensure that the culprits are not released.

To stop the threat of illegal settlement construction, it is necessary to take tough action and severely punish offenders.

Khushpreet Kaur

Poor monitoring and a lack of rapid response from field staff led to increased encroachments in Ludhiana. File photo

A threat to urban development

Observing that the proliferation of illegal settlements across the country is a threat to urban development, the Supreme Court said last Monday that there is a need for a comprehensive plan of action by state governments to prevent them from appear.

Encroachments should be dealt with smoothly. If an area is used for planting trees, no space should be allowed for encroachment. In order to tackle the problem, the state government should train the enforcement teams. These teams should come with special powers. Encroachments should be heavily fined and sentenced to a long term of imprisonment.

Tanveer Kaur

MC should ensure regular inspections

To tackle the problem of illegal encroachments, vocational training and vocational courses should be made available to hawkers and other people who make a living on a daily basis but do not have a permanent place of business and thus encroach on bustling city markets. Alternate spaces for these people on the basis of a lease should be allocated and heavy penalties should be imposed on people who encroach on areas of the city. Regular patrols by teams from the Municipal Corporation for vigilance and inspection of frequented places would also help solve the problem to some extent.

Shruti Saggar

Need for punitive action of the hour

Illegal encroachments have become so common in the city that one can hardly navigate the roads with freedom of movement and ease. In some places, areas overrun with goods, construction of illegal structures or billboards take up a third of the road. The authorities are taking half-hearted steps that achieve nothing in the long term. Only consistent action and strict punitive measures will help eliminate encroachments.

Dr Ashwani Kumar Malhotra

Poor monitoring and a lack of rapid response from field staff led to increased encroachments in Ludhiana. File photo

All properties must be registered

The civic body’s anti-encroachment monitoring committee should take into account the growing problem of encroachments in the city. Appropriate measures should be taken by the authorities to combat the problem. Land and other property owned by individuals must be registered and verified by the authorities. Documents containing land ownership information should be properly managed. There should be strict vigilance over those individuals who engage in illegal activities. The civic body should verify encroached areas and penalties should be imposed on violators to prevent the problem.

Gurleen Kaur

Changing committee members

The Municipal Corporation is responsible for the rampant encroachments in the city, especially in the marketplaces. It is unfortunate that, according to a newspaper article, the company’s encroachment committee has not met for more than five years to discuss the matter and take corrective action. Panel members should be changed immediately and a new subgroup reconstituted with more enthusiastic members. Some members must be drawn from the city. Every possible effort should be made to change the situation of mismanagement of encroachments. Encroachments on major markets cause great barriers to people and vehicles in them. The roads are blocked giving a very poor and poorly managed sight. Traders who encroach on the place must be verbalized and for this, a report must be kept. All of this will also mean more revenue for the company. To stop and punish the invaders, the help of the police must be sought wherever necessary and the culprits must be punished.

Dev Gautam

Take strict action against offenders

The proliferation of illegal settlements continues unabated in and around Ludhiana. To control the illegal encroachments that are growing in the industrial city, the administrative authorities should inspect all areas with an appropriate strategy, so that strict legal action can be taken against the violators. A survey should be made by the Municipal Corporation to ensure that no one has occupied public property. To stem the threat of illegal settlements, corruption must be abolished.

Adish Sood

Collaborate with the administration

Shops, houses and other illegal structures have sprung up in most areas of the city. This was only possible with the connivance of the politician or the building authorities. Most of the roads have been taken over by roadside vendors and commuters are very inconvenienced. Traders in busy markets keep their belongings outside shops and block roads, leading to traffic chaos. Moreover, parking vehicles on narrow roads further aggravates the situation for commuters. Overloaded carts and vans block the roads. Therefore, conducting anti-encroachment campaigns frequently is the need of the day, but demolitions should be done after following due process. A joint team (squad) of officials from MC, administration and police should lead the anti-encroachment campaign. Early notices should be served and people should be asked to remove encroachments. If they do not, FIRs must be filed against the violators and the squad must remove the encroachments. People should cooperate with the authorities because the purpose of removing encroachments is to make the roads free from chaos.


Causing unwanted trouble to residents

Encroachments eat up space for vehicles and pedestrians, causing inconvenience to the public. This leads to an increase in accident cases in the city. Not only should the anti-encroachment monitoring committee meet periodically, but also sanction offenders in an exemplary manner. It should act on the proverb “Spare the rod and spoil the child”. Alternative arrangements should be made for street vendors and peddlers.

Doctor Sunil Chopra

Set up a unit to receive complaints

The city’s roads, sidewalks, streets and markets are crowded with traders, peddlers and for other social or religious functions. This causes traffic jams and inconvenience for commuters to move freely. Prime locations are being encroached upon under the noses of the local government. Sometimes government officials have to stop encroachment operations due to political interference. The municipality should allocate a separate space for street vendors. The Municipal Corporation must also establish a separate unit to receive online complaints from residents against encroachments. Sudden visits should be made to different areas to check for encroachment. There should be regular visits to each area to check for encroachments. The charge should be entrusted to private agencies to avoid political interference, as is the case with towing vehicles by the traffic police. Heavy fines should be imposed on offenders. People should cooperate with the local government in this mission.

Dr Mohd Saleem Farooqui

Responsible Anti-Encroachment Panel

Encroachment on public spaces by illegal structures is so common in Ludhiana that it creates traffic jams, road deaths and environmental degradation. Despite the existence of an anti-encroachment watchdog, the law is dormant as it has failed to deter encroachment. The proliferation of encroachments with impunity suggests that civic body officials are working hand in hand with encroachments. People need to recognize that it is unethical and illegal to encroach on public land and build anything on it. The superiors of the civic body should hold the anti-encroachment committee accountable and be tough on defaulters. Encroachments on sidewalks, streets and roads, among others, must be treated with zero tolerance.

Christophe Novin

Rope the police to verify the threat

Poor monitoring of encroachments and lack of prompt intervention by field staff has led to the uncontrolled proliferation of a number of slums in different parts of the city over the years. Stopping any new encroachment is the responsibility of the Municipality. The administration should call in the police to control encroachments in the city. Unless there is a comprehensive action plan to prevent these encroachments from occurring, the problem will persist.

Rekha Singla

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