Ogeechee Tech gets new industrial technology building



STATESBORO, GA (WTOC) – Tech education is getting a little more ‘high-tech’ in Statesboro.

The Ogeechee Technical College officially opened on Thursday afternoon an ultramodern building filled with laboratories.

Robotics students can now learn how to operate and even repair the robots of the future.

If you step into the industrial technology building, you’ll see some of the latest models of robots – the types students would likely use in the workplace. School leaders say the new building gives them laboratory space to prepare students.

“Ultimately our students will be able to pass four national robotics certifications,” said Lori Durden, President of Ogeechee Tech.

The school opened in December 2017. It costs $ 11 million to build and equip. They are working with the robot maker to send employees to the school at Ogeechee Tech as well as students looking to enter the emerging field.

“As you see more and more companies turning to robotics in the factory, the people who operate the robots will be very important to those companies,” said Durden.

The building also includes the school’s receiving warehouse, which will also serve as a training lab for students in the Ogeechee Tech logistics program. They also revamped some programs and brought a few existing labs into the building to free up space on campus.

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