Make Chongqing a Design Capital

Over 400 guests of honor from countries including Italy, United States, Germany, France, Switzerland, Irelandas well as many international design organizations and institutes will join the main forums and sub-forums of YDIF.

Professional experts, renowned scholars and industry leaders are to deliver keynote speeches and hold multilateral discussions and exchanges with their domestic and international counterparts, exploring a new development path for industrial design to strengthen the ‘economy.

“Yuelai International Exhibition City has been fully committed to the development and promotion of industrial design in the city, and will have established the four pillars of Chongqing Yuelai International Design Forum, Chongqing Industrial Design Innovation Exhibition, Chongqing Industrial Design Competition and Chongqing Design Park by 2023.” said Wang Jumeng, chairman of the board of Yuelai Investment Group Co Ltd.

“By 2025, it will strive to become a construction engine Chongqing into a “Capital of Design.'”

the A month-long industrial design innovation exhibition will be held at Yueshe Chuangyi Exhibition Center in Yuelai International Exhibition City of Liangjiang New Area, where the best technologies and latest achievements of the city’s modern manufacturing industry will be on display.

Part of the winning works of “Chongqing Industrial Design Competition 2020” will also make their first exhibition during the exhibition period.

The event has a 5,000 square meter exhibition area with more than 30 leading companies, such as Huawei, Chang’an Automobile, Beijing Oriental Electronics and Tsinghua Unigroup, ready to showcase their latest technologies and applications of leading edge in artificial intelligence, space technologies, equipment manufacturing, medical devices and many other fields.


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