Latest news on the Russia-Ukraine war: live updates

The State Department called the deadly Russian airstrikes that hit the western Ukrainian city of Lviv on Monday a “terror campaign” by Moscow.

“Russia, more than just an invasion, more than a war…is undertaking a campaign of terror, a campaign of brutality, a campaign of despicable aggression against the Ukrainian people,” the department’s spokesperson said. of State Ned Price at a press conference. conference. He was responding to a question about the strikes which Ukrainian officials say killed seven people and injured at least 11, including a child.

Lviv, in the far west of Ukraine, had been relatively spared from the fighting. Over the Easter weekend, families went to church services and walked around in the evenings carrying bouquets of flowers. Monday’s strikes, which resulted in the first recorded wartime deaths inside the city, broke that bubble of normal life. Afterwards, Lviv Mayor Andriy Sadovyi said on social media that the whole country was vulnerable to Russian onslaught: “Today in Ukraine there are no safe and dangerous cities.”

The price included Russian strikes on the outskirts of kyiv, the battle for control of Kharkiv and Russia’s weeks-long siege of Mariupol – where the mayor recently said at least 10,000 civilians died – as examples of Russia’s “terror campaign”.

“These are clear indications, they clearly testify to the campaign of brutality, the campaign of terror, that the Russians are waging against the Ukrainian people,” he said.

Hannah Allam contributed to this report.

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