Land Acquisition: Homeowners in Ulepady, Karnataka worry about uncertain future

The future of those who own small landholdings with three to five hundred of land is bleak in the village of Ulepady, where the Karnataka Industrial Areas Development Board (KIADB) has issued a notification for the acquisition of 1 091 acres of land for industrial purposes. The poor who had built houses on three to five centimes of land have no idea of ​​their future.

Some have title deeds for the house in which they reside while others have requested, under Article 94 C of the Land Revenue Act, to regularize the land on which they have built houses.

Sridevi from Ulepady said, “We have heard that the land we are staying on will be acquired by KIADB. My house is built on four hundred of land. I have lived here for nine years. There are four houses nearby. I had availed about Rs 2 lakh to build a house from three SHGs. If we get evicted, how am I going to repay the loan amount? »

“Where will we go if our houses are acquired? I have three small children under the age of 10. It will be difficult if we are asked to leave the place. Many of us don’t even have proper records. As a result, compensation will only be a dream,” said another woman.

Jagadishwari from SC/ST settlement in the village said, “I have lived here for 35 years. We will not leave our land. I worked hard in the rice fields to earn a living. I have to work daily to have three meals a day. If we are asked to leave, we have nowhere to go,” she said with tears streaming down her cheeks.

Living in a thatched-roof hut covered in tarpaulins, Bhavani said she had lived in the settlement for 70 years.

“I receive an old-age pension to live on. I used to work in paddy fields, areca nut gardens and other odd jobs to earn a living and I stopped working for the past two years. My three children also have difficulties. So I don’t want to burden them by staying with them. I live alone all alone. What will happen to us if our houses are acquired? she asked.

Savithri, another woman from the settlement, told DH: “I have four children. Where are we going, taking these children, if the land is acquired.”

“At least my husband has odd jobs to earn a living here in Ulepadi. ​​If we are forced to change jobs, what jobs are we going to find to earn a living?” she asked.

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