KZN Industrial Technology Exhibition Launches 2022 Exhibitions

The KwaZulu-Natal Industrial Technology Exhibition (KITE) took place last week, Thursday February 17, at the Durban Exhibition Center (DEC).

The show offered a platform for suppliers of industrial technology products and services to reach their local target market. Industries represented at the fair included; manufacturing, engineering, agriculture, metal and mineral processing, and polymer technology.

According to organizers KITE, the trade show has been a fixture in the province for four decades, due to the fact that the port of Durban is one of the busiest in Africa in terms of cargo handling and logistics corridor and from Durban-Free State-Gauteng transport. forms the backbone of South Africa’s freight transport network. It is also vital to facilitate the economic growth of the country.

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Exhibitors at the show included architects, engineers, farmers and technicians. There were masterclasses from a range of industries, one of those speakers was Albie Jordaan.

Jordaan works in architecture as General Manager of Sales and Marketing at Harvey Roofing Products and Harvey EcoTile, and is also involved in finding eco-friendly solutions to the nation’s plastic pollution problem. He began his speech by explaining the pollution crisis, not only evident in the ocean surrounding our province, but across the world: “We have a serious problem at KZN. Our sea creatures are being killed by the huge amounts of pollution. These beautiful creatures eat the plastic and they feel full and eventually starve to death with their bellies full of discarded plastic items. He went on to explain what a dire situation KZN finds itself in: “Soon, if not already, the weight of all the plastic in the world’s oceans will weigh more than the fish in the ocean, much of this plastic is already in the fish. themselves,” Jordaan said.

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Despite its harmful impact, Jordaan said plastic was essential. He said however that recycling is the key to solving the problem.

The recycling value chain refers to the different stages from waste collection to the marketing of secondary products, “As a country, we are producers of millions of tons of plastic.

In the recycling value chain, there are too many steps between waste generation and recycling. How to shorten this string? We encourage source separation – that source is in our homes.

Until the Covid-19 hit, KITE, according to Keraysha Pillay, senior marketing manager for Specialized Exhibitions – a division of Montgomery Group, said it was an annual event, “It was tough but we were up for the challenge and ultimately, we adapted to the circumstances. We complied with all Covid-19 protocols and thanks to the safety measures that were taken, exhibitors and visitors were much more comfortable attending at the exhibition and also enjoy it.

Pillay said that this event set the tone for the exhibitions to come: “With the KITE exhibition we have launched exhibitions for 2022. It was a major success and will serve as an example that after the pandemic we can still make things happen”.

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