IPEC Reports Biden Admin’s Approach to Protecting U.S. Intellectual Property


The Office of the Intellectual Property Enforcement Coordinator provided insight into the Biden administration intellectual property enforcement strategy in fiscal year 2021 in its annual report to Congress.

IPEC detailed the policies applied within the federal government to defend American intellectual property against contradictory threats, the White House announced on Friday.

Specifically, the report addressed the coordinated efforts of the Departments of Commerce, Defense, Agriculture, Homeland Security, State, Health and Human Services and Treasury, the Office of the U.S. Representative Commerce and the United States Copyright Office.

Among the programs highlighted in the report are the USDA Agricultural Research Service Intellectual Property Training Initiative which educates scientists on insider threats and export control reviews and development program of Commercial Law from the Department of Commerce which aims to help strengthen the protection of intellectual property rights in foreign countries. countries.

The report also discussed the Pentagon’s Critical Technology Protection Task Force created in 2018 to protect the defense industrial base and assess the risks of foreign investment and acquisition.

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