Industrial technology and witchcraft cast a 1.68 million spell on investors

Berlin-based Industrial Technology and Witchcraft raised €1.68 million in a seed funding round. The game studio aims to produce new voxel- and pixel-based games with “riveting graphics” and “epic soundtracks”, and based on the requirements campaign currently running on the studio’s website. , will dedicate part of the financing to this campaign.

Ok, let’s dive in here, shall we? While the company’s name clearly takes a page from George Lucas’ playbook (or is that an homage?), details on exactly what the new game studio is aiming to achieve are far from scarce ( let’s call it “lost in translation”?), and a communicator is clearly in need (alarm bells start ringing with the words “spellbinding” and “epic” getting involved), there are two (probably three) factors working in favor of industrial technology and witchcraft: the spirit of the times, the approach, and the co-founder.

80s retro revival

One look at the Industrial Technology and Witchcraft artwork, and all fingers would point to the retro revival game theme of Ready Player One / PortalOne / neo-80 being abandoned.

Fair enough. PortalOne has grossed north of $70 million, and Tiger Global is on board. +1

Next-gen voxels?

Voxels. Without going into too much detail, Minecraft is a video game that uses voxel technology. The name comes from an amalgamation of pixels (image element), while the vo is used to represent a measure of volume. Sure, Minecraft isn’t the most stunning graphical presentation by far, but nothing could work on the Atari 2600 either, and yet… +1

Cereals in series

And now for the coup de grace: Thilo Hardt. If you’re not familiar with Thilo, if your eyesight isn’t perfect, you’ve probably heard of one of his old adventures, Mister Spex. +1

Again, given that details of industrial technology and sorcery remain scarce, it was clearly Hardt’s experience in building successful businesses that brought High-Tech Gründerfonds, DN Capital and BLN Capital, the unique family office of Daniel Stammler, Oliver Löffler and Janosch Sadowski. , the founders of Kolibri Games at the table.

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