Industrial Design Consultancy acquires Naiad Plastics


International product design firm, Industrial Design Consultancy (IDC), has purchased Naiad Plastics, an injection molding company based in Littlehampton on the south coast of England.

Stephen Knowles, Managing Director of IDC, said: “This is a really exciting decision for IDC. Naiad’s injection molding facility means we can expand our manufacturing services for our customers. We can now offer full product design and production services, as well as manufacturing solutions only for customers who only need production support. Naiad has opened the door to a wealth of plastics manufacturing experience which, in combination with IDC’s highly skilled team, brings unique capabilities in product design, prototyping, testing and production. This is especially the case, as we see more and more companies looking to manufacture in the UK. ”

Naiad will continue to operate from its base in Littlehampton, West Sussex, and will be headed by its managing director, David Wright. Naiad is well established in the plastic injection molding industry and was founded in 1975. The company has strong environmental policies and works extensively with recycled plastics to help customers improve the environmental impact of their products. With the support of IDC, Naiad is actively expanding the range of sustainable materials it processes, including biodegradable, compostable and bio-based polymers, as well as increasing recycled content.

Naiad Chief Executive Officer David Wright explains what the takeover means for Naiad: “Having worked in the plastic injection molding industry for 35 years and the past 20 years with Naiad, I am passionate that he This is an exciting opportunity to update and expand Naiad. This will benefit existing customers with investments in new machinery, a significantly improved working environment and give Naiad the ability to help new customers from concept to final product with IDC’s design capabilities.

Naiad’s facilities include machines of all sizes ranging from 20 tonnes to 350 tonnes. These are capable of molding the tiniest precision components on large structural parts, in low or high volume. The company also offers tooling options, both in-house and through partners, as well as assembly solutions to turn manufactured parts into fully functional products.

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