How to find the right industrial design company


You have just had a new idea for a product designand you want to launch the product as soon as possible, because you know it can contribute significantly to meeting the specific needs of end users.

To get the specific build and design you want, you need to find the right industrial design company with experience designing and building the same type of product as yours. And, of course, someone with the skills to take your product idea from sketch to finished product to market release.

Industrial design is a practice that goes beyond the design of end-to-end products, systems and services. The right industrial design company can help turn your ideas into reality.

Let us discuss how you can find the right industrial design company to bring your vision to life.

5 criteria to find the design office that suits you

One of the things you need to consider when working with an industrial design firm is how they will work with you to develop your product. Many different aspects go into a product development process; it is essential to have a general understanding of the type of experience of each design team.

experience or ability

Sometimes having someone experienced in the field gives you a sense of security.

A company with extensive experience can foresee easily missed problems during product development. You can expect the company to come up with a solution whenever these challenges arise.

Look at the history of the company, the industries or clients it has worked with, and the number of products it has patented. Once you know their history, you will know how long they have been in business and you will also have insight into the ideals of the company.

The industries or clients they have worked with can also attest to the credibility of the company. You can also check reviews of the products and services they have released and see if they have worked with similar products to the one you want to develop.

Some companies also offer consulting services; you can directly ask them about their experience in the said field, especially if you can’t find anything about their experience working on product development like the one you have.

Industrial design portfolio

An industrial design portfolio highlights the company’s skills or the type of work it has done.

Are their services limited to industrial design only? Do they also offer other product development services? Here are some questions that a company’s portfolio can answer.

Industrial design companies work with a variety of products, but not everything is done with a single model process. Their portfolio should detail the projects they have taken on and the types of products they have worked on.


A team of industrial designers should have mechanical engineers, graphic designers and a marketing specialist. You will need an experienced team to support the entire development process.

Industrial design firms may already have an in-house team that can support all phases of the product development process. Also consult their legal team or ask the company for help if you want your design patented under your name.


Besides production costs, you should also expect to pay for the services of the industrial design company. The cost varies depending on the project and the company’s experience.

Let’s look at some compensation methods that favor a particular type of development and cover a different scope of work.

Package or fixed rate

A fixed or flat rate means that you and the company have already agreed on the overall payment from the start. You can already set aside a budget for the whole project, and the company must adapt to changes in project duration and work around them without affecting the agreed budget.

A fixed or flat rate is ideal when your proposed idea already has all the necessary inputs and a well-defined result. Be clear with your expectations, so the design company can work around and follow instructions.

Fees for industrial design services

The design company may require compensation based on their services if you are still in the early stages of the product development process. If your design is still subject to change and a significant amount of detail is still unknown, you need to adjust the budget. A fixed rate is difficult to establish because you cannot accurately measure the amount of work invested in the development process.

A royalty plus royalties

Some design firms are willing to share product development costs. The company receives a share of ownership when the product is ready. You can offer the company to receive a percentage of the sale price of each unit sold.

You can talk to the company and come to an agreement regarding the ownership share. This method of compensation is ideal if you do not have the monetary budget to finance the production.

Testimonials / customer reviews

As consumers, you should always consider feedback from other consumers who have already tried or used the product. A single negative review can deter you from buying or profiting.

Customer testimonials or reviews highlight the positive or negative experiences of previous or current customers of the business. It can provide insight into company processes or work ethics for a potential client.

Where to find industrial design companies?


You can limit your choices to local businesses that operate in your area. Getting in touch with them and coordinating with each other is more accessible.


If you have friends, business partners or mentors who have already benefited from a services of an industrial design companyyou can also ask them or ask them to refer you to the company they worked with.

Search engine

There is a lot of information you can find on the internet. And your search engines essentially act as a filter to help you find information relevant to your interests.

Review platforms

Former customers or customers can leave feedback on a company’s service or product through review platforms. You can try to search the following platforms and check testimonials about a company.

a. Google reviews

b. Clutch

vs. upper town

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