Hebei International Industrial Design Week will open in November

SHIJIAZHUANG, China, October 25, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The 5th Hebei International Industrial Design Week will be held from November 10 to 16 in north china Hebei Provincewith the Netherlands as guest of honour.

The province’s new modern city, Xiongan New Area, will serve as the main venue for the event while some activities will also take place in the cities of ShijiazhuangQinhuangdao and Dingzhou.

A series of activities will be presented in the main venue, such as launch ceremony and keynote speeches, Xiongan Design Forum, industrial design innovation exhibition, international design new product launches, the third Goldreed Industrial Design Award, Dutch Design Day and design innovation. tours, making it an open platform for international design cooperation with meetings, exhibitions and award ceremonies, according to the Hebei provincial department of industry and information technology. .

The Xiongan Design Forum, World Design Organization (WDO) and World Design Weeks will join forces to organize a series of activities such as keynote speeches and panel discussions.

Topics will cover urban development, industrial transformation, new standard of production and living, new consumer trends and sustainable development, among others. Prominent figures from domestic and foreign design institutions, manufacturing companies and universities will be present to interpret and discuss pioneering ideas and trends in design innovation.

International new design product launches will invite top design companies, design masters and cutting-edge designers from home and abroad to launch new designs in collaboration with fashion brand companies and manufacturing companies .

In addition, representatives of manufacturers, platform companies, incubators and financial institutions will also attend the conference, providing opportunities for industrialization and market-oriented cooperation between the two sides, and helping to transforming designs into products and establishing design values.

Foreign Chairman of the Goldreed Industrial Design Award Chairman WDO David Kusuma and the Chinese President, Professor He Renke of the School of Design and Art of Hunan The University, along with other guests, will attend the awards ceremony.

They will announce the winners of the third award event and present the trophies. To further enhance the event’s international influence and brand value, the fourth Goldreed Industrial Design Award competition will be launched to invite outstanding industrial design institutions, companies, teams and designers from around the world.

Design week activities will make full use of modern computing technologies such as 5G, VR/AR and big data to display offline activities through online exhibition and live broadcast, breaking time constraints and space and creating an online design week that never ends.

Since 2018, Hebei held four International Industrial Design Weeks in Xiongan New Area, including 139 forums, exhibitions, matchmaking and exchange activities that attracted enterprises from more than 50 countries and regions, and 25,000 design works.

Chinabased at the embassies of Finland, Italy and Britain organized delegation trips to the events, and more than 50 well-known design institutions at home and abroad such as the WDO and the Federation of Hong Kong Design Associations sent representatives there.

International Industrial Design Week has pioneered the mode of holding online and offline exhibitions in Hebei. The four events attracted over 170,000 attendees and visitors, and over 28 million online visits.

Hebei leveraged the International Industrial Design Week as an important platform to cultivate and develop the industrial design service industry, promote the deep integration of industrial design and manufacturing industry, and bring innovation and development on the world stage.

Industry data showed that the number of industrial design firms in Hebei reached 470 this year, more than 9 times that of 2017, ranking fifth China. There are 20 municipal industrial design industry organizations in Hebeirepresenting 15 percent of the country’s total industrial organizations.

Hebei has 11 industrial design awards at the provincial and municipal level, ranking fourth in the country. The province has cultivated 11 national-level industrial design centers and established 5 in 2021 alone, achieving a historic breakthrough.

SOURCE Hebei Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology

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