Fif Architects obtains planning approval for industrial house design



Fif Architects obtains planning approval for industrial house design

Fer-Mill-BaiePlans have been approved for a single family home on a coastal site just outside Charlestown near Dunfermline.

Fife Architects said his mandate was to design a family home with an industrial and rural design concept to match the home’s location in the Firth of Forth. Formerly part of the Elgin Estate, the site is bordered by woods where the remains of the Iron Mill foundry still stand on Lyne Burn. The abandoned remains of the old foundry cottage stand in the middle of the site and to the southeast is a disused railway line.

The company added, “The new house design is for a two-story, five-bedroom house with an area of ​​220 m². The design and materials are heavily influenced by the site’s past, from the factory-style sawtooth roof profile to weathered steel. coating. The house has a T-shaped floor plan and is oriented to maximize the views of the Forth and natural light. At the heart of the house is a large double-height brick public space with factory-style windows, a gallery-style landing and a bridge leading to the master bedroom. A cylindrical sandstone staircase tower refers to the tower of the old Foundry. The weathered steel cladding on the ground floor celebrates the history of iron on the site. The wood-clad bedrooms on the first floor with a sawtooth profile reflect the industrial style.

“It was important for the customers to create a house that will operate as efficiently as possible in terms of energy and environmental impact. A combination of renewable technologies will therefore be used, including an aerothermal heat pump, a rainwater harvesting system, solar panels, household electric batteries, high levels of insulation and local material supply and the use of salvaged materials whenever possible.

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