Excellent industrial design student work: Shay Nifusi’s one-piece brushes

Shay Nifusi One-piece brushes “are the result of a material and cultural study carried out as part of my graduation project in the industrial design department of Shenkar”, he writes. “Focusing on such an arbitrary object for a graduation project came to realize that there is a lot to be learned from this little product. Simply put, every brush in the world has a handle and bristles. C It’s the combination between them that tells us how, when and by whom it was made.”

“The process started with reading books on the subject, meeting a local brush maker, and making brushes the traditional way (bending groups of bristles into pre-cut holes in a piece of wood).”

“I then looked for more efficient ways to make a brush and somewhere in the process I felt it was odd to use industrially made plastic bristles (polypropylene) for traditional brush making techniques. .”

“Looking for a way to fully industrialize the process, I started forming clusters of PP bristles by pressing them in a toaster, which led to the development of a new way to manufacture the product. By using molds made up of both thermally conductive and insulating parts, I was able to thermoform the plastic bristles and create integral handles.”

“I designed the shapes in a back-and-forth experimentation between studying the natural flow of hair groups in PP and sculpting similar archetypes in polyurethane foam. The process resulted in a new way of manufacture brushes in CNC milled aluminum molds and SikaBlock.”

The assignment wasn’t new – Nifusi graduated in 2013, and after years of working in ID has since moved on to ME – but I think the project is a great example of manufacturing experimentation by a student, and I found the result beautiful objects.

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