Excellent industrial design student work: Project Timo Urban Scooter


Here is an impressive project made by industrial design students Sandy Zhang, Jodie Xie, Alaa Alshareef and Megan Wiles, who last year were seniors at Wentworth Institute of Technology. Called Project Timo, the mission was to “examine and rethink the notion of urban transportation in terms of clean technologies, specific and variable demographics, lack of choice, user/rider safety, available personal time, and increased costs,” the team writes.

Besides the polish of the finished product, what really struck me was the depth of student engagement. The quartet did “research, mockups that help inform ergonomic considerations, iterative physical models, detailed specs for each model, accessories, and ultimately retail website design.”

“The study resulted in the design of a range of three TIMO electric scooter presets – Jarretto, Veloce and Cavallo. Built on a modular system, the stakeholder can configure a final product to perfectly meet their specific individual needs. “

They even developed accessories for the scooter:

For their efforts, they were rewarded with an exhibition of the project held in the CEIS building of WIT:

“The exhibition describes the development of an extremely well-executed project by (senior) students from the Department of Industrial Design. The fundamental objective is to demonstrate the level of contemplative depth and detail necessary to create and describe a new concept of dynamic product.

Good game!

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