Evan Landau, MFA Industrial Design ’20, Develops New Product to Encourage Better Phone Habits


Evan Landau, MFA Industrial Design ’20, Develops New Product to Encourage Better Phone Habits

If it looks like your weekly Apple Screen Time report has increased since Covid-19 sent the world on lockdown, you are not alone. According to various surveys, screen time has also increased for young smartphone owners to worrying levels, making KozyFone, a new product designed by Evan Landau, IDD MFA ’20, all the more urgent and necessary.

Landau collaborated with Dr. Emily Klass, a child psychologist, to develop KozyFone, which addresses two contemporary issues: the drastic increase in average screen time as well as the declining age of new smartphone owners. The new behavioral therapy product will allow a child or adolescent to “put their phone to bed” outside their bedroom overnight, allowing the user and the phone to rest.

“KozyFone is designed on the basis of psychological knowledge. We want to incorporate positive habits into nighttime sleep rituals, ”says Landau. “Putting your phone to bed can be as natural as brushing your teeth, promoting better ‘sleep hygiene’ and better mental health. “

Landau’s work with Dr Klass and KozyFone required him to harness the full breadth of his skills in industrial design, and this project was a starting point from which he developed his independent design practice. Landau first started with concept development and shape ideation, which was followed by numerous iterations, user research, mechanical engineering, and brand development.

Landau credits his time at Parsons for helping him focus on the intention behind his designs and how the products he creates can make a positive difference in someone’s life. Landau’s work echoes that of other Parsons graduates who use design for social good, including Lucy Jones, Fashion Design ’15, who launched FFORA, an inclusive accessories brand, as well as Chris Gelinas, AAS. Fashion Design ’10, which is currently designing a collection of stylish PPE products for KleenWraps.

“Parsons provided an extremely useful lens for examining how to make decisions about what each material, curve, characteristic, and reference communicates,” he says. “Because getting enough sleep is vitally important, especially for young people whose brains and bodies are still developing, we thought that developing a product that aims to develop positive and voluntary habits – as opposed to to law enforcement and discipline – would be the best route. . “

As a designer, Landau enjoys collaborating with people from other fields, as the results often lead to discovering unexpected sources of creativity. He worked as an ethnographic researcher, helping him see the value of intersecting industries and different schools of thought.

“As an industrial designer, it’s my job to bring a design thinking perspective to identify needs and solve problems across the range of industries I work in,” he explained. “At the same time, I can also learn a lot by unpacking and applying all the design-oriented knowledge of a practicing psychologist. “

To follow the KozyFone project, stay up to date via their Kickstarter page.

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