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Mirus Aircraft Seating has had an impressive trajectory in commercial aviation. Since entering the aircraft interiors scene in 2015, it has made a name for itself as a provider of slim, ergonomically sculpted seats that provide space for passengers’ knees and shins, even in very tight configurations. inclined. AirAsia Cash and TUI as customers of its Hawk-branded seating platform, Mirus has also been available online on the Airbus A320 for years.

Now the Norfolk, UK-based company is celebrating another milestone – its latest Hawk derivative has been offered online on the Boeing 737, meaning the seat can be fitted to new planes at the factory in Boeing. That realization in turn led to “many exciting conversations about the new Hawk,” David Spalding, director of sales and marketing for Mirus, told Runway Girl Network.

These conversations probably wouldn’t happen if Mirus simply provided standard seats in the market. But quality and aesthetics are at the center of the company’s concerns. Namely, in 2018, it launched its own in-house industrial design team called RWorks injecting creativity into its fabrics and style.

The next-generation Hawk seat, which features Mirus’ mechanical reclining system, “builds on the cutting-edge industrial design look and living space that underpins Mirus’ products, and is also certified for multiple aisle widths, providing greater choice for our airline. customers,” says Spalding. Customization options include USB charging points and integrated personal device support.

Armrest on Mirus' latest generation Hawk seat, with the word Mirus embossed on it

Mirus offers bespoke comfort options to enhance and optimize the passenger experience, including USB power in the armrest. Image: Mirus

The Hawk platform also has notable eco-credentials. “Our latest version of the Hawk is made primarily from aluminum, a fully recyclable material that can be recycled and reused at the end of the seat’s lifespan,” says Spalding.

“Customers can also choose from a range of durable seat upholstery materials, including synthetic leather which has far less impact on the environment than genuine leather.”

Additionally, he says, “The latest Hawk weighs significantly less than many of the older seats used on the Boeing and Airbus fleets, offering substantial opportunities for fuel savings and reduced aircraft CO2 emissions – in accordance to Mirus’ fiery sustainability philosophy.”

The company also offers what it calls the “Mirus Care Extended Warranty,” which provides comprehensive lifetime care for Mirus aircraft seats for a low, fixed annual fee. Total Lifetime Service covers all parts and labor on every passenger seat.

“Typically, this means our customers can expect to recoup their investment within five years of purchase, which is about half the standard life of the seat. There is no other warranty program like this in the airline seating space, and we are extremely proud to offer such service,” says Spalding.

Mirus prides itself on creating living space for passengers, even in comfortable layouts. At the 2018 Aircraft Interiors show in Hamburg, RGN editor Mary Kirby, who is 6 feet tall and has a 36-inch inseam, tried out the previous-generation Hawk seat at 28 inches.

Clearly the market is receptive. Obtaining an offer online and being included in aircraft manufacturers’ catalogs is no small feat. There is, of course, a cost to interface with their IP, but getting the deal also usually requires a nudge from airlines who want to see factory-fitted seats for their jets on order.


Spalding jokingly tells us to expect “exciting updates” in the coming months.

“We appeal to commercial airline customers looking for a dynamic blend of lightness, sleek design and modern seating features while being durable,” Mirus CEO Ben McGuire said in a statement.

Customers can order the latest Hawk seat for Boeing 737 and Airbus A320 family aircraft now.

The company typically holds a set of seats in stock for immediate shipment, but its customer commitment is that standard seats will be available within 10-12 weeks of ordering.

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