City considering former River District Super Market property for new housing development


The vacant site of Port Huron’s former River District Super Market could one day house a multi-level residential complex under plans tied to a purchase deal before City Council on Monday.

This deal is one of three proposed on the agenda — and one of two purchases that would be made with the city’s share of federal COVID stimulus funds as part of a broader pursuit of projects that will would meet the region’s needs for housing and more affordable housing. Stock.

On Thursday, City Manager James Freed said the move was a matter of the city “putting some skin into it and taking bold action,” echoing comments made amid other recent efforts to address the local scarcity.

“We’ve been very clear about our intentions, and that’s to create generational change and economic opportunity,” Freed said in a post. “Words are not enough.”

At $550,000, the grocery store’s former property at 3550 Electric Ave. – a general commercial plot where the market burned down in late 2013 – is the biggest of the three purchases.

Two residential properties at 1003 Erie St. and 2910 32nd St. are available for $60,000 each. The Erie property would also be purchased with funds through the US bailout. The 32nd Street site would be purchased through the city’s land purchase fund.

While the Erie site, zoned multi-family residential, is also expected to be retained for a future housing development, the 32nd Street property is adjacent to existing sites zoned for light industrial use.

In the follow-up, Freed said that means the latter is “part of a broader strategy of using industrial parks.”

The city manager did not answer several questions about Electric and Erie’s latest plans, referring them to Monday’s meeting.

The City of Port Huron may purchase 3550 Electric Ave.  is on tap for the March 28 board meeting.  The site is currently zoned for general business, but it is proposed to accommodate a new development.

In an email on Friday, however, Freed told council members that the Electric Avenue plans are achieving their goal of expanding housing opportunities, as well as installing development that would “also drive economic growth and further expansion along the Conner (Street) corridor.”

“We have had many developer visits to the site and are now working with two developers for this project,” he wrote. “We are targeting a fall application period for federal tax credits for this project with possible construction in 2023-24 if credits are approved. The key is to secure the property to allow the city to negotiate directly with current or future developers.”

A concept render also shared with the council shows a four-story structure with balconies carved out of it in place of the vacant lot that is immediately north of the Dollar General.

The City of Port Huron may purchase 1003 Erie Street for a future housing project.  The site is located near another now vacant property owned by St. Clair County Community College.

The city has previously discussed plans to establish an improvement neighborhood around the Conner Corridor to help fund a redesign of the neighborhood.

Any plan for Electric or Erie would also follow two other major efforts over the past year to address housing issues, particularly through partnerships initiated by officials with private entities.

This includes the continued efforts of the city’s neighborhood housing corporation to sell 11 previously foreclosed homes to contractors for redevelopment and city grant-funded infrastructure construction to attract buyers to a new housing development. single family home off 10th Avenue and Garfield Street.

The members of the municipal council will meet Monday at 7 p.m. in the meeting rooms of the Municipal Office Center, 100, boul. McMorran. Agenda documents can be viewed online at

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