Chandra lists 4 themes for Tata Group for next year

Mumbai: In his new year message to 7.5 lakh employees, Tata Group Chairman N Chandrasekaran said the conglomerate will play on four themes – digital, new energy, supply chain resilience and health. The industrial house has taken steps towards these themes through organic and inorganic accords. “Our new pilots and companies, from 5G to TataNeu (super app) and Tata Electronics, are poised to benefit from these four themes in the future.”
The president added that the conglomerate “has done well” financially this year. However, he did not disclose any financial measures. Chandrasekaran implemented a Simplify, Synergy and Scale (3S) process to create an agile and powerful platform. “Thanks to our 3S strategy, we are becoming simpler and more financially sound than we have been for a long time,” he wrote in the letter.
The New Year’s letter to employees is an annual tradition for a president of the Tata group in which conglomerate milestones and macroeconomic factors are highlighted. Chandrasekaran called Air India’s winning bid the “most important” step for the conglomerate. Air India was initially promoted by the Tata group before being bought out by the government.
Chandrasekaran called on employees to continue the transformation to propel the conglomerate and the country. “As a company, we can play our part in the evolution of India, with its ambitions of becoming a $ 3 trillion economy by 2024,” he said.
However, the president warned that all of the conglomerate’s ambitions hinge on a more immediate concern: learning to live with the coronavirus. “Businesses and society need to adapt by preparing as best as possible for new epidemics and variants. ”
He cautioned employees not to let their guard down and suggested booster shots of the Covid vaccine as it becomes available. “The recent success has given our group a great platform to build on. I am excited about the heights that I know we can reach, not only financially, but also in terms of the difference we can make for communities, ”said Chandrasekaran.

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