Capstone Green Energy lands largest industrial growhouse order in its history with leading vertically integrated operator

LOS ANGELES–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Capstone Green Energy Company (NASDAQ: CGRN) continues to expand into the growing industrial growhouse sector with a new secure order for five C1000 Signature Series microturbines in upstate New York. The units will be deployed in two phases, with the first two megawatts (MW) coming online in late 2022 and the remaining three MW coming online in early 2023. The project marks the largest Capstone microturbine order in the greenhouse. expanding industry. industry and upon completion will become the third largest Capstone microturbine facility in the world.

The project was secured by RER systemsexclusive distributor of Capstone in New York, Connecticut and Ohio, and E-Finity Distributed Generation, the exclusive distributor for the Mid-Atlantic, Southeastern United States and the Caribbean, will enable the facility to generate reliable and cost-effective power on site, independent of the power grid. Additionally, Capstone’s low-emission microturbine technology meets New York’s stringent greenhouse gas emissions requirements.

Industrial cultivation and processing are energy-intensive operations, and utilities struggle to provide adequate and resilient energy to support growth. This problem is compounded for facilities located in remote areas where the infrastructure is not in place to meet the energy demands for cultivation operations. The five-megawatt microturbine solution will operate in stand-alone mode, allowing operators to avoid the vulnerabilities of a traditional power grid by generating power onsite at the source.

About Capstone Green Energy

green energy capstone (NASDAQ: CGRN) is a leading provider of custom microgrid solutions and onsite energy technology systems dedicated to helping customers around the world achieve their environmental, energy conservation and sustainability goals. resilience. Capstone Green Energy focuses on four key business areas. Through its Energy as a Service (EaaS) business, it offers rental solutions using its microturbine energy systems and battery storage systems, full-service Plant Protection Plan (FPP) contracts that guarantee life cycle costs, as well as spare parts. Power Generation Technologies (EGT) are driven by the company’s resilient, highly efficient, low-emission and industry-leading microturbine power systems, offering scalable solutions in addition to a broad range of bespoke solutions including hybrid power systems and larger frame industrial turbines. . The Energy Storage Solutions (ESS) business line designs and installs microgrid storage systems by creating custom solutions using a combination of battery technologies and monitoring software. Through hydrogen and sustainable products (H2S), Capstone Green Energy offers its customers a variety of hydrogen-based products, including the company’s microturbine energy systems.

To date, Capstone has shipped over 10,000 units to 83 countries and estimates that in FY22, customers saved over $213 million in annual energy costs and approximately 388,000 tonnes of carbon. Total savings over the past four years are estimated at approximately $911 million in energy savings and approximately 1,503,100 tonnes in carbon savings.

For clients with limited capital or short-term needs, Capstone offers rental systems; for more information, contact:

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Caution Regarding Forward-Looking Statements

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