Altair Industrial Design Series, Part One: From Pre-Concept to Manufacturing


If you were to build a new home, you would want a team of expert architects by your side who could conjure up your dreams, put them into a plan and make them a reality. Sure, there are other things that go into building a house (materials, construction crews, equipment, etc.), but no house – whether built with the best materials in the world or the the most competent construction team – can’t hold up if it’s designed with flaws and flaws that would send it falling apart as soon as it’s finished. We get it – when most people think of Altair, they think of our technology. But we know that technology tools are only as good as the design and strategy behind them. Without a team of people who can plan short- and long-term paths to success, even the best tools go to waste. That’s why we have a world-class industrial design team of experts who, like master architects, can turn your dreams into reality.

Industrial design is a large, complex and dynamic field that is changing daily as consumers and businesses access better information at breathtaking speeds. Staying on top of the design and consumer landscapes takes dedication, domain knowledge, and a commitment to designing products that enhance the human experience. Doing this is an intensive task, and even major global organizations with in-house design branches can struggle if their workload gets too heavy. Similarly, budding new businesses and startups looking to refine and expand their product offerings often benefit from additional manpower and an external team with experience in multiple industries. Altair’s industrial design team meets both of these needs, and we have the know-how, resources and people to help any business, no matter what their needs or what phase of the design process they are in. . Whether a business has a finished product that needs tweaking or they have a hint of an idea they need help bringing to life, our team is ready and able to pull it off. We can support companies from pre-concept to manufacturing – all under one roof. We think that’s the telltale sign of a company that’s serious about design.

Altair isn’t a company that just dips its toes into design; we have a full-service team that embodies our core values. We believe good industrial design is the art of making products that feel like a natural extension of ourselves, our environments and spaces, and the world around us. We believe, above all, that products should be designed with people in mind – that means they should take into account people’s wants, needs, limitations and creativity in order to be successful and be the first product that people have in mind to fulfill these aspects. “Human-Centered Design” is the North Star of our industrial design team and guides everything we do.

Although it may seem like a vague buzzword, our team’s human-centered design approach is a comprehensive, comprehensive and proven strategy that is applied to all phases of development. We work with our customers to ensure their products are optimized and ready for market success. We do a multitude of things to make sure we get it right, from conducting in-depth user research, competitive analysis, strategic roadmaps, to designing for manufacturing. Our methods and processes ensure that our customers’ products deliver on their promises and improve the overall experience for end users.

Human-centered design is a methodology that encompasses many aspects and processes that must be considered for successful product design. These include sustainability, moments of truth, security, and risk mitigation, to name a few. Although there is much more to discuss, this introduction is only the beginning of this series on industrial design. In future articles, we’ll discuss trends, technology, strategy, and more as they relate to the world of industrial design. Altair’s tools are just part of our story – our services are just as great, and we believe our guiding approach can help businesses and users benefit from better, greener and more efficient products that improve our lives and the planet.

Visit the following links to learn more about our industrial design team and their offeringsand of course, stay tuned to the newsroom for the latest episodes of the Altair Industrial Design series.

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