Winnipeg company takes control of provincial agency as province privatizes Industrial Technology Center

A small company in Winnipeg took over one of the province’s special operating agencies.

The Industrial Technology Center moves to the private sector, T. Manson & Associates Ltd. taking control on Wednesday.

The move was made “after a thorough review of the Industrial Technology Center and the services it provides,” Manitoba Economic Development and Employment Minister Jon Reyes said in a statement Thursday.

The technology center, which is based at the Smartpark Center on the Fort Garry campus of the University of Manitoba, provides services to help companies develop products and maintain their internal quality programs.

Services include calibration services, mechanical product and material testing, noise and vibration testing and analysis, and lottery ticket quality control for manufacturers across the province and beyond. the basis of a fee-for-service, according to the press release from the province.

It was founded in 1979 and became a special operating agency of the provincial government in 1996.

A special operating agency is a semi-autonomous service operating within government which generally has more management flexibility than most ministries.

The move to the private sector “is expected to improve service delivery, expand business offerings to clients and potentially create new employment opportunities,” Reyes said in the press release.

Tom Manson, President of T. Manson & Associates Ltd., said the technology center has become a unique resource for industry in Manitoba.

“Here in our backyard, there is a team of skilled professionals within the Industrial Technology Center, providing world-class services to individuals and to local and foreign businesses,” he said in the statement. press release from the province.

Reyes said the sale of the center also creates the potential to increase government efficiency by focusing on services “that cannot be replicated or provided by the private sector.”

Opposition NPD, however, called the change “a great loss for the local manufacturing community”.

“[Privatization] will set us back when it comes to building our skilled workforce, ”said Jamie Moses, NDP spokesperson for economic development, in a written statement.

“We should be investing in well-paying local manufacturing and technological excellence, not selling them off. “

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