Trade license prices drop on January 1 in Searcy | News

Searcy business license fees are lower for most businesses.

Searcy City Council changed the fees at its December meeting last week, with the new fees taking effect Jan. 1, including a 100-seat restaurant paying $ 25 for a license instead of $ 90. Business licenses are calculated based on industry and business size.

Mayor Kyle Osborne said one of his goals is to create a community that encourages small businesses and provides the resources necessary for their success. He said the reduction in business license fees would help small businesses at a time when nearly all of their expenses are increasing.

The pricing structure was created in 1994. According to the city, approximately 1,400 business licenses are issued in Searcy each year. Code Enforcement Manager Jeff Webb estimates that 80% of these companies will see their fees drop.

Webb said his department was “extremely proud to be a part of this change.”

The following license fee schedule appears in the ordinance:

– Contractors (building, mechanical, general, heating, etc.) a minimum of $ 25 plus $ 5 per worker out of five workers (currently $ 50 minimum).

– Entertainment and recreation facilities (theaters, bowling alleys, recreation halls, skating rinks, etc.) a minimum of $ 25 plus $ 5 per worker out of five workers (currently $ 50 minimum).

– Hospitals and nursing homes, minimum $ 40 (1-5 beds) plus $ 2 for each bed over five beds (idem).

– Industrial (manufacturing, processing, warehousing, etc.) $ 50 minimum plus $ 3 per worker for the first 100 workers, $ 2 for the second cent and $ 1 for more than 200 workers (same for manufacturers with less than 100 workers ; the basic fees were $ 350 for manufacturers under 200 and $ 550 for manufacturers over 200).

– Professional (doctors, lawyers, accountants, etc.) $ 50 each plus $ 5 per employee (idem).

– Restaurants and food services, $ 25 per location (currently $ 40 plus 50 cents per seat or $ 2 per parking space for drive-ins).

– Services (barbers, beauty salons, rental agencies, auctions, banks, etc.), minimum $ 25 plus $ 5 per worker out of five workers (currently $ 40).

– Trader (painters, plumbers, independent electricians, etc.) $ 25 minimum plus $ 5 per worker out of five workers (currently $ 40).

– Trailer parks, $ 40 minimum (1 to 5 places for trailers) plus $ 2 for each place on five places (idem).

– Wholesale and retail sales, minimum $ 25, plus $ 5 per worker in five workers (currently $ 40).

– Hotels, motels, apartment houses, guesthouses and rental properties, $ 25 plus $ 2 per unit over 3 units (no license required for three units or less) (currently $ 40 plus $ 3 for units over five or $ 100 plus $ 2 for units over 25 years old).

– Self-service laundry rooms, $ 40 minimum plus $ 1 for each machine (idem).

– Solicitation and advertising, $ 50 for an advertising agency engaged in the rental and / or rental of billboards, walls and other outdoor spaces for advertising purposes; $ 25 for an advertising agency engaged in soliciting and / or accepting orders for out-of-town newspapers, magazines, periodicals, publications and other advertising media (currently $ 50 for both).

– Individual books agent engaged in soliciting subscriptions for the delivery of books, magazines, newspapers and other periodicals, $ 25 annually (currently $ 40).

– Place-to-place or house-to-house book seller selling and delivering books, magazines and other periodicals, publications and novelties, $ 25 per year (currently $ 40).

– Taxi or motorized bus, $ 125 (no fees are indicated in the current price list).

– Ephemeral sign painter, window decorator or other similar craftsman, $ 25 per year (currently $ 40 per month).

– The visiting seller will be required to pay a fixed lien tax before offering goods, merchandise and merchandise for sale on the streets of the city or to residents, per stay or to exceed one month, $ 250 (idem ).

– Passenger seller of fruits, vegetables, nuts and other similar products, delivering from automobiles, trucks, wagons, tents, sheds and temporary accommodation, except the sale of agricultural products grown in White County, $ 25 per year (currently $ 40 per month).

– The annual mobile food vendor or mobile food vendor fee is $ 100 and the temporary mobile vendor or mobile food vendor fee is $ 25 (no fees are included in the current pricing schedule).

Webb said that if anyone needed information about the new business license fee schedule, they could contact Code Enforcement at (501) 279-1085 or stop by the office at 300 W. Arch Ave. 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday to Friday.

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