the site afloat again

cadillacs and dinosaurs
As you may have noticed, the Maximum Douglas Records site was decanted for some time. The bug of the year 2016? 4 chan an attack against France? A poorly digested pretzel?

In short, after careful consideration and attempt to catch the disaster, I decided to put an old backup of the backup pending enhance security of it.

The site is totally outdated but it will be soon! For now this is what we have…

on the horizon: the new ep Lucid Ann and the first album of Forks …

Stay tuned!

but first a quick note: re:Cadillacs & Dinosaurs

Hello everyone,

Some news from the front of overactive in these times:

First Maximum Douglas Records is proud to welcome CADILLACS & DINOSAURS in his small brothel. The big amps and tons of sand in sight! You can already hear the first tracks of the beast on their myspace.

Concerning friends kilo Lock the dogs out fate in three short weeks but before, as one is not prudish, we will put the integral Streaming album preorder with a history of supporting the group, the label and all the nice people who bossent on this cool project. This week you can listen to the last track.

This is the inspiration for the name too:

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