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Mangaluru: Owners of industries in the Baikampady Industrial Zone (BIA) face a dilemma as they have been asked to pay property tax under the Self Assessment Scheme (SAS) from 2008 to obtain Mangaluru City Corporation (MCC) khata.
Recently, when BIA industrial owners approached MCC Khata for their properties, they were asked to pay property tax from 2008, even though no services were provided by MCC in the area. In fact, the Karnataka Industrial Zone Development Board (KIADB) provided all the civic services like street lighting, roads, storm sewers, water pipe, etc. to these industries, Isaac Vas, former president of the Kanara Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KCCI) says TOI.
“The BIA was created in 1976 and since then KIADB has provided all civic services. All industries have remitted maintenance application fees to KIADB year after year. Apart from this, according to the law, KIADB is also authorized to give approval to construction plans, which has facilitated the “ease of doing business” and facilitated the growth of industries. To date, nearly 650 MSMEs are operating in the region and providing employment for nearly 20,000 people, including a large number of women in the cashew sector and other similar industries,” Vas said.
MCC’s decision to collect property tax from 2008 places a heavy burden on all MSMEs, who are already suffering from a lack of demand due to various factors such as the sudden increase in raw material costs, labor migration and loss of demand and increased cost of fuel due to the pandemic, he said.
“Many industries have approached us saying they are willing to pay the SAS tax for the last two years provided they are given a gate number and khata. This would ensure huge revenue to MCC as well as the regular payment of SAS in the future and also the extension of MCC civic services to the region,” he said.
Contacted, Mayor Premanand Shetty said the matter would be discussed with officials. “Since the area is under the municipality, they have to pay property tax according to SAS,” he added.

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