Industrial design firm Knack creates unusual and easy-to-carry beverage cooler

Founded by industrial designer Kelly Custer, Talented design studio specializes in working with hardware brands to help them discover new product categories in which they can expand. But to keep their skills sharp, they also engage in internal projects, like this one. Ondago concept for a cooler with an unusual form factor.

“Fresh from the beach (and sweaty from exhaustion), we realized that a fresher redesign was long overdue,” the company wrote. “Adventurers, like us, like to socialize in the great outdoors, but coolers hold us back. The problem is that the coolers available today are heavy, bulky, and painful to carry. Fueled by our own grueling personal experiences with coolers, we raised the question: how could we reinvent a cooler to encourage adventure instead of limiting it? “

“We started by studying the weak points of today’s coolers and discovered a space of opportunity that no other cooler on the market could satisfy: being easy to carry over any terrain, especially sand. “

Inspiration came from the beach itself, where the team observed a specialized wheelchair designed to tackle the sand.

They also decided that it would be desirable for the cooler itself to be floating, like the people who travel with it.

Coupled with the desire to make the cooler easier to transport, the team came up with an idea: what if, instead of being a roller cooler, the cooler was wheel? The idea of ​​Ondago was born.

Fittingly, the Ondago is intended to be made from recycled plastic salvaged from the ocean.

Although the Ondago may only appear to be an exercise in design, I would be very curious to see how it would perform in the market.

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