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Industrial designers are extremely crucial today, as they help solve day-to-day problems

Industrial designers are extremely crucial today, as they help solve day-to-day problems

With the changing dynamics of the world, the need for innovative sustainable products and designs is increasing. This opened up new avenues and birthed new age career courses. One such popular course is industrial design, which includes transportation design, product design, and digital design.

Career opportunities

Every object that an individual touches and feels on a daily basis is the result of a design process. Industrial design is the professional practice of designing products, devices, objects and services used every day by millions of people around the world. As a consumer, we are aware and understand the importance of having a well-designed and user-friendly product.

Industrial designers are skilled in understanding the technical and visual aspects of products and applications. Some common tasks include conceptualizing and creating products and researching different methods to complete product design. Having a good understanding of this makes it possible to manufacture products in both the right quantity and the right quality. It is essential that designers also have mechanical skills. A typical training includes various modules related to design engineering, design research and the design pipeline, including human factors and usability engineering, ergonomics, anthropometry, design and data-driven computational analytics, design for sustainability, economic optimization of emerging product technologies and circular activities. Participants also develop certain software skills for digital product visualization, product styling, solid and surface modeling, among others.

A designer’s role is to ensure that products have a practical design and are easy to use. This makes industrial designers very important these days as they help solve everyday problems. Industrial designers often mix art and engineering. They must have analytical and problem-solving skills. Overall, an industrial designer must come up with user-centered and human-factor design solutions or systems to create better product opportunities.

To become an industrial designer, one must have formal training in design. Those interested in a career should take courses in drafting, drafting, and computer-aided industrial design (CAID) early. Many colleges in India and abroad offer postgraduate and undergraduate courses in industrial design. It is crucial for a student to start organizing their portfolio with sample sketches and drawings to showcase their creative flair and ideas.

Industrial design is a broad field with many types of designers working across multiple industries. Individuals should learn the basics of industrial design before choosing their path based on their interests and skills. Industrial design is now considered a strategic problem-solving device, crucial for the proper functioning of companies and the construction of innovative products. Thus, it is now a lucrative career option for students.

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