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When the new Rose Hill High School building was constructed in 1995, a decision was made to move away from the traditional store classroom space (which allowed the school to offer lessons in wood, metal and bodywork) in favor of a modular approach to facilitate more technology-based classes.

Eventually the school began to make the transition, converting a large classroom into a carpentry shop several years ago. Now this process continues with the approval of $ 394 and the construction of a new industrial art building this school year which will be open to students in 2021-2022. The building is expected to be an extension of the southeast wing of the high school, according to Superintendent Randal Chickadonz of $ 394.

“We crammed a lot into an oversized classroom and they worked well with that for many years, but it was not a suitable space for doing woodland education and projects,” said Chickadonz. “Our belief is that we are providing this program with the space it needs to function properly.”

The new building is intended to house timber classes in a more traditional commercial area. Additionally, Rose Hill High School will continue its academic approach with the new building – partnering with Butler Community College to offer business skills education courses (i.e. electrical, plumbing, roofing, carpentry, masonry, etc.) to meet a community need.

“It gives them skills in a lot of different jobs and [will] I hope to prepare them either to enter the field of work in one of these trades, or to go to one of the universities to take their construction management courses in order to obtain their bachelor’s degree ”, he said. said Chickadonz. “We looked at what else we can do for the children. One of the things that came out of the research in our region was that the needs were great on the part of many of our labor and skilled trades groups in the community. We have tried to work to see what we can do to meet this need in the communities and be enough to train our children so that they can be the ones who meet the employment needs that they have.

Creating a more traditional store space for lumber yards, the headquarters of Butler Community College’s new Building Technology Academy will also have large open classrooms to facilitate a learning-by-doing approach to skills. commercial.

“There will be a lot of open space for these students to do real hands-on activities in these different types of trades,” said Chickadonz.

$ 394 and Butler Community College’s latest partnership brings the high school’s total to 13 different academies on offer, with Chickadonz noting that the structure of this program provides college credit that allows most students to earn an associate’s degree at the time. where they graduate from high school. They can then use it to enter the workforce or get a head start on their bachelor’s degree.

While the new building is expected to benefit current high school students, Chickadonz said he expects the college to also open up construction technology courses to non-traditional students – something already offered at existing academies ( with classes on weekends and evenings).

In addition to the new space, Chickadonz noted that plans are in place to convert the old store into a drawing room for industrial arts classes, adding to the benefits of the new building.

“Whenever we can help children advance their education that takes them to a career area that interests them, I think it has great value for all children,” said Chickadonz.

Construction on the new building began in January and is expected to be completed by fall 2021.

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