Fantastic Industrial Design Student Work: Mina Kasirifar’s FLIP Furniture


After obtaining his bachelor’s degree in industrial design from Iranian University in Tehran, Mina Kasirifar immigrated to the United States to pursue a master’s degree in identification at San Francisco State University. For one of his latest student projects, undertaken during the pandemic, Kasirifar touched on a hot topic: how can parents in confinement keep kids engaged indoors, because staring at a screen can only last so long ?

Kasirifar then developed TO RETURN TO, an object that “merges the concept of toy and furniture”, she writes, “to invent a space-saving product with joyful experiences and new interactive possibilities that children will not quickly get bored of”.

“FLIP aims to improve inner activity in children by providing information to the vestibular and proprioceptive senses. These senses are related to balance, movement and coordination.”

“Both vestibular and proprioceptive inputs are generally provided outdoors, such as in sensory gymnasiums, parks and activity classes. This means that children have limited possibilities of satisfying these two physically related senses at home. Sensory products for domestic use also have shortcomings. Many of these are either single-function rooms with a limited, predefined use case, or cumbersome fixtures that are not affordable for many parents who live in small homes. “

Kasirifar’s design intention was to combine the features of several existing objects:

To focus on the form, she 3D printed function exploration models:

She then refined the model and demonstrated use cases that could be achieved by flipping the object to different sides.

Kasirifar clarified that the illustration above is not all of the possible use cases. After performing user testing, she found that “children have explored and enjoyed the product in many new ways that were not part of the original product instruction.”


– FLIP offers active sitting, creative movement and movement to help children stay focused during other activities.

– This product may be used for the sole purpose of enjoying it or for other tasks such as reading, writing or using a screen.

– Handles increase safety, improve ergonomics and facilitate use when turning or lifting the product.

– The design goal of FLIP is to be a product that is always available for children in their room for them to enjoy with the need to store it somewhere after use.

– Children can independently switch between different functions without involving parents to install, tie, fold and unfold.

– The ends of the rocker curves are flattened to create a hard stop that prevents the chair from collapsing forward or backward with excessive swaying.

The Kasirifar project won the 2021 IDSA West District Graduate Student Merit Award. Congratulations Mina!

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