Cygnett invests in industrial design and packaging after record growth


A major investment in research and development of packaging design and new industrial designers is paying off for Melbourne-based Cygnett, which saw 25% growth last year.

The company which lost its founder Tim Swann in November 2021, due to a tragic accident, is currently expanding into overseas markets, via retailers and carriers who see the Australian brand as a premium CE accessory offering. range.

According to marketing director Michael Broadhurst, the company has seen strong growth in demand for products designed and manufactured by Cygnett, with the company now working with carriers such as Optus and retailers Target and Big W to provide products “on measurement” under different brands.

They also work with overseas carriers and retailers in the United States, South America and Europe who see the value in the products of Australian companies.

As travel has plummeted due to COVID, demand for portable power has also declined, but that hasn’t stopped Cygnett, which has quickly transitioned to portable power for the outdoor market covering campers and consumers who wanted portable power for vacation homes and when away from home.

They are also developing portable power for trades.

A classic example is the Cygnett Explorer 200W Power Station, designed for short camping trips or backup power in the event of a breakdown or emergency.

Compact, functional and designed, it is easy to move around while providing 200W of continuous power, charging up to 7 devices and appliances at once.

According to Broadhurst, the company which already has a separate orange brand is currently negotiating with UK operator EE, which is a BT Group brand, to supply a new range of Cygnett products covering wireless charging, cables and a new range of GAN devices.

One category where Cygnett sees growth is GaN devices.

Gallium Nitride (GaN) is a very hard and mechanically stable wide bandgap semiconductor.

With higher breakdown resistance, faster switching speed, higher thermal conductivity and lower on-state resistance, GaN-based power devices significantly outperform silicon-based devices, Cygnett currently developing a range of new solutions based on this technology.

In Australia, arch-rival Belkin was the first to launch a GaN device that offered multiple power capacities allowing consumers working from home to charge both laptops and cell phones from a single outlet. GANG.

Users can simultaneously charge a small laptop up to 50W and an iPhone up to 18W, or charge a single large laptop up to 60W. Cygnett is currently working on a GaN offering of 140 watts and even higher.

Another market where Cygnett sees growth is the sale of Hubbs which allow consumers to manage multiple devices spanning monitors, smartphones, laptops through an HDMI-enabled hub and memory.

Broadhurst’s claims growth has been achieved by offering premium, affordable and valuable products.

One retailer where Cygnett has achieved over 100% growth is Big W, where they use a Cygnett brand to drive sales.

“What we’ve done is simplify our entry-level offering, which makes it easier for customers like Big W,” he said.

“Design is a key part of our D&A and the combination of good industrial design and a team that can quickly identify a market and then deliver a quality product, whether to the high-end market or in the value market, pays off”.

A leading supplier to JB Hi Fi, The Good Guys and Harvey Norman Cygnett is now eyeing significant growth from overseas, with the company set to launch a premium range of Apple charging devices soon.

Shortly, Cygnett will host a major road show across Australia to showcase many of its 2022 products.

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