Cedarville students develop proposals to revitalize downtown village


The hope was to create a meaningful academic and creativity exercise that honors the parameters of the Cedarville project, said Jim Stevenson, president of the Columbus-based International Center for Creativity, which has a partnership with the university.

“The students developed ideas and proposals to stimulate the imagination and creativity of the village team,” he said.

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Cedarville offers the major in Industrial and Innovative Design through an exclusive partnership with ICC, a combined industrial design and education company. Students in the program spend the first two years on the Cedarville campus and their final two years at Columbus full-time. Cedarville is the only Christian university in the country to offer an accredited industrial design major.

It is not known whether any of the student proposals will be implemented, depending on the funding for the projects, said Diedre Sizer, Cedarville revitalization committee member and university staff member. However, the project helped get the students to discuss development and economic impact.

“We are a college town and students use our downtown area,” she said. “They had really big ideas, which I love. It all comes down to funds, sure, but it’s great to have students, a whole different generation looking like, ‘What about this? This helps our vision to see what is possible.

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