“Beautiful Partnership” refers to the industrial arts courses that continue at Fairview High School



“Not many people go back to teaching and if they first became a teacher and then entered the industry, they probably won’t go back to the classroom.”

Fraser says all of this happened after a longtime industrial art teacher retired and a replacement plan failed at the last minute.

She adds that students can use the college’s facilities, which Fraser describes as “amazing.”

“Up to this point the kids are really, almost encouraged to get out of town and go to college somewhere else, but really, at the heart of it all, (I) want the kids to see (what) Fairview has. “she said.

“They don’t need to go anywhere. They can live at home; they can take college programs here. There is such an amazing opportunity in our backyard to go to the GPRC in Fairview. ”

Fraser says what is taught changes every month.

The school year began with carpentry. They are currently studying welding along with upcoming mechanics and plumbing. Each student in the school studies the industrial arts. The latest student tally is 268.

Students also have the option of earning what are known as double credits, where high school students earn credits that count toward their first year of learning a trade. It would also speed up the process of becoming a companion.

Fraser adds that she is also happy to see a mix of men and women as instructors.

“They see that the professions are not just a man’s world. There are women involved in the trades and there are many, many opportunities for women to get involved in multiple industries within the trades. So, it’s exciting too.

Fraser says this is not a temporary fix, but a fix that could last for several years.

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