7 industrial design ideas for a modern home


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You might think that industrial interior design is reserved for commercial spaces and converted lofts. But when done right, industrial design can elevate almost any home.

If you are looking to create a moody and more masculine space or if you just want to add a little touch to your decor, by incorporating industrial elements into your interior design can help you achieve this goal. These seven ideas ranging from big updates to small touches will help you bring this progressive style into your home.

Put the interior on display

Modern industrial design is all about removing excess expose the bones of a space. Instead of painstakingly covering the original ductwork, pipes and brick walls, the industrial design emphasizes and incorporates the beauty of these features.

To get the look in your own home, forgo drywall. If your home is newer and doesn’t have brick or concrete walls to expose, you can DIY with easy to install laminates. You will get the look of real brick without having to hire a mason.

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Getting back to basics with materials

Part of the beauty of industrial interior design is its simplicity. This utilitarian design style showcases raw materials such as cement, wood and steel and makes him the star of the play. Stainless steel kitchens, concrete walls, and metal fixtures all lend themselves to an industrial space.

Start creating the look by introducing furniture that combines wood and metal. Consider open shelving with metal brackets or try pairing a wooden dining table with metal chairs. Save money and get that perfectly weathered look by shopping at thrift stores and garage sales.

Adopt a moody color scheme

With so many natural materials, industrial design color palettes lean towards dark and earthy tones. While you won’t find many bright colors in an industrial space, that doesn’t mean you can’t have accent colors. Choose soft and warm tones such as cranberry, olive and mustard to complete an industrial design scheme.

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Leave floors unfinished

Bare wood and waxed concrete floors are major players in industrial design. These low-maintenance (and economical) options embrace imperfections and allow for worry-free living, even in a home with kids and pets.

To add warmth to industrial style flooring, bring low pile rugs made from natural materials. Hand-woven cotton, jute, or sisal options will add texture and comfort to rooms with lots of hard surfaces.

Shape is king

Industrial design does not waste its efforts in decorative embellishments. Form and function are central concerns when it comes to industrial style furniture. The parts are well constructed and are designed to do a specific job well.

When choosing furniture to decorate your warehouse-style space, look for simple shapes and clean lines. Low, wide seats with open legs and simple metal frames are comfortable and will provide the right aesthetic as well. Replace your standard bar stools with backless models and enjoy how neatly they store. Modular sofas offer the freedom to easily rearrange the seating if needed.

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Open space

The industrial style was born from the transformation of large open warehouses into individual housing. Accordingly, the style must find a balance between empty spaces and cozy interiors. This is often achieved by using furniture to define the rooms rather than the walls.

If you already have a lot of open space in your home, adopt a dark color scheme and incorporate raw materials to make it look more industrial. If you don’t have the luxury of an open layout, you can simulate the look of an open space. Embrace negative space and avoid filling all the corners of the room. Make walkways as wide as possible and expose beams or ducts to attract attention and make ceilings appear higher.

Make a statement with lighting

Lighting is where you can really have fun with your industrial decor. Since industrial spaces are often minimalist, lighting can serve as a both a work of art and a focal point. Industrial lighting connects several different styles, from vintage and rustic to bold and modern, so there are plenty of interesting choices.

If you just want to test the industrial style, lighting is a great place to start. With high ceilings, lights must extend very far to be effective, so hanging lighting plays a leading role in industrial design. Choose oversized wrought iron or brass fixtures with exposed bulbs to make a big impact.

Whether you are ready to embrace the industrial style fully or just want to experiment, these industrial design decor ideas will add an edgy touch to any room in the house.

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